About this training

Canvassing is the most effective form of voter contact used to drive people to the polls. Every single door knock and every single face-to-face conversation makes a huge difference and being comfortable at the door is essential for any organizer.

 “Know Before You Go: Canvassing,” is filled with comprehensive and time-tested tips and tricks that will help prepare you to start knocking doors. After watching, you’ll be the most confident and effective canvasser around. This video is also a great resource for volunteer leaders and campaign staffers looking to train grassroots activists.

 IMPORTANT NOTE!: Your training doesn’t end here. These days, many campaigns nationwide are asking volunteers to use mobile apps, rather than paper lists, while out canvassing. So, before you go (and after you’ve watched this video), you’ll definitely want to check out our “How to Use MiniVan Touch” tutorial. And if you’re canvassing in California, be sure to check out “How to Use PDI Mobile Connect” before you hit the doors.


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Ready to talk to voters?! The only way to give your fellow citizens a voice at the ballot box is to get out there and have those face-to-face conversations. Start talking to voters today!

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