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Canvassing 101

Face-to-face conversations are the most effective way to drive people to the polls on election day. Every door knocked and every conversation is a step toward victory.


Phone Banking 101

Making calls is a huge opportunity to engage voters in important conversations about specific candidates, getting out the vote, and can even help with recruiting more volunteers.


Street Team 101

There’s more to this than just setting up a table and waiting for people to come to you. You’ve got to know how to communicate, have clear goals and know what you’re talking about.


GOTV 101

GOTV stands for Get Out The Vote. GOTV campaigns happen in the last four days leading up to an election and are one of the most important ways to boost voter turnout.


Voter Reg. 101

Before anybody can vote, they must be registered. Sounds simple enough, but every county has different rules for helping voters get registered—not to mention different forms and requirements.


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